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grey_assassin [userpic]

July 11th, 2008 (03:36 pm)

God damn it. Why is it I always get sick at the worst possible times?

I've caught whatever bug my dad had last week just in time for it to kick in for when i had my medical for the police. So now, because of the codral i took, i registered positive for opiates on my drug test and have to pay an extra $100 for another scan. (plus drug tests=not fun. Noone should ever have an audience while they are trying to pee..)

So now i am paying $300 for this medical. That is quite a lot of money. $121 of that was for some incompetent doctor to make me walk on my toes, my heels and while crouching, listen to my heart and take my blood pressure. It may be just me, but that is not worth $121!! And how is that a thorough test? That is all he did to ascertain that i am healthy enough for the police force. Retards...

I am getting really sick of all this. I still really want it to happen but all the bureaucracy and waiting is starting to make me angry.

Lets see.. what else is happening... I am now working at both Kalamunda and Forrestfield video Ezys. Which would have been ok, but the staff down at Forrie think we are stealing their shifts and it means that in 4 weeks, will only have had 2 days off. Now i don't get a break until monday the 28th. So to have fun on that day i am driving back down to Canning Vale to have my lung capacity tested. Yay. What fun.

My car is now truely dying. I went down to Vic park the other weekend to look at some cars. The only one of which I would consider was a 2005 Getz. But i really don't want it. For a small car, they have crap fuel consumption. But i guess i had better get less picky as Hawkins is going to kick the bucket soon. damn..

Well, that is all the complaining i have in me at the moment. Bye.


Posted by: auntpol (auntpol)
Posted at: July 11th, 2008 08:45 am (UTC)

oh no *hugs*

I really hope you get in... you would be such a good police woman.

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