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No puede llover todo el tiempo.

Pede clauda

15 January 1988
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yeah, well, i suck at bios, so i am just going to fill this with random crap... Such as... ah... icons!!

..stupid broken links..
Well, I like fantasy such as LOTR and Melanie Rawn and David eddings and things like that. I don't have much to say about myself, I've had a pretty boring life...
40's music, anime, arj barker, australian comedy, bernard black, bill bailey, black, black books, blackadder, blood, books, brandon lee, british comedy, carnivale, cartoons, coffee, comedy, comic books, computers, concerts, constantine, cosmo, ctrlaltdel, culling the human race, danny bhoy, danny elfman, dave callan, dave hughes, david bowie, david eddings, disney, donnie darko, douglas adams, dr. cox, dylan moran, elves, elvish, empire records, evanescence, fairly odd parents, fairly oddparents, fantasy, fight club, fire, firefly, frankie muniz, futurama, gatesy, geeks, guitar, harry potter, history, hitchhikers guide, holy grail, horror, humour, internet, invader zim, ipod, jack skellington, jack the ripper, jazz, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, kind of pluto, lano and woodley, led zepplin, lee mack, literature, little britain, lord of the rings, lost, marilyn manson, matrix, melanie rawn, metallica, mike wilmot, money, monty python, movies, music, musicals, mythology, nightmare before chistmas, nirvana, paranoid android, penny arcade, photography, piano, pink floyd, pirates, pirates of the carribean, placebo, queen, radiohead, reading, red dwarf, red hot chilli peppers, red vs. blue, road to eldorado, ross noble, rpgs, ryan stiles, sarcasm, saxophone, science fiction, scod, scott edgar, scrubs, serenity, shakespeare, silverchair, simon hall, singing, sleeping, sluggy, spicks and specks, stand up comedy, steven gates, tacos, the beatles, the clash, the crow, the cure, the dissociatives, the doors, the dresden dolls, the glasshouse, the matrix, the sketch show, the vampire chronicles, theatre, tim burton, timmy turner, tosswinkle the pirate, triple j, tripod, u2, wanda, wil anderson, wolves, wombats, writing, yon