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grey_assassin [userpic]

February 3rd, 2008 (06:44 pm)

Why does my car hate me when I am so nice to it? I check everything regularly, and yet when I am going out to have fun it decides that it no longer wants to contain transmission fluid and bursts one of the seals. One of the more complicated seals which involves it having to be booked in to a mechanic tomorrow.


At least its shouldn't be as expensive as the last few times. Stupid alternator...

So tonight I am taking someone else's car, as now everyone in my family has one. Mum and Dad bought Ellie a little Barina a little while ago, which she likes. I have named it Starbug. Because it is green. But I don't really want to be seen driving it, so I think Ill take dads car.

And yeah, i do realize how boring this entire entry has been. Sorry.