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grey_assassin [userpic]

December 31st, 2007 (10:37 pm)

God damn, I finally get around to getting Assassin's Creed and now I can't play it. Mum and dad have some people over for new years and they bought their son with them, who thinks he is the lord of the ring of light. Grr.. I hate playing a new game with an audience. It really bugs me. Especially when they tell you what to do. He is lucky the controllers don't have cords or I would have throttled him with one.

I just watched Shoot 'em Up. That movie is pretty awesome. Apparently they used 15 galleons of fake blood to make it. Heehee. And mum worries that i am desensitized...

I am really stuffed. Working tonight and then opening tomorrow and working all day is going to suck. Why to stuff up New Years. .. who am I kidding, like I would have done anything anyway? Such a social butterfly me.

Well... thats all from me. I think I will watch another movie and then pass out for a while.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year and all that shtick.