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grey_assassin [userpic]

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July 12th, 2008 (01:03 pm)

God, I am freakin right the hell out! So much money.. SO MUCH MONEY!!

I just bought a car.

I think i should listen to some calming music.. or I may explode.

grey_assassin [userpic]

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July 11th, 2008 (03:36 pm)

God damn it. Why is it I always get sick at the worst possible times?

I've caught whatever bug my dad had last week just in time for it to kick in for when i had my medical for the police. So now, because of the codral i took, i registered positive for opiates on my drug test and have to pay an extra $100 for another scan. (plus drug tests=not fun. Noone should ever have an audience while they are trying to pee..)

So now i am paying $300 for this medical. That is quite a lot of money. $121 of that was for some incompetent doctor to make me walk on my toes, my heels and while crouching, listen to my heart and take my blood pressure. It may be just me, but that is not worth $121!! And how is that a thorough test? That is all he did to ascertain that i am healthy enough for the police force. Retards...

I am getting really sick of all this. I still really want it to happen but all the bureaucracy and waiting is starting to make me angry.

Lets see.. what else is happening... I am now working at both Kalamunda and Forrestfield video Ezys. Which would have been ok, but the staff down at Forrie think we are stealing their shifts and it means that in 4 weeks, will only have had 2 days off. Now i don't get a break until monday the 28th. So to have fun on that day i am driving back down to Canning Vale to have my lung capacity tested. Yay. What fun.

My car is now truely dying. I went down to Vic park the other weekend to look at some cars. The only one of which I would consider was a 2005 Getz. But i really don't want it. For a small car, they have crap fuel consumption. But i guess i had better get less picky as Hawkins is going to kick the bucket soon. damn..

Well, that is all the complaining i have in me at the moment. Bye.

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June 9th, 2008 (03:17 pm)

My dog is the cutest little dufus ever. He had an operation on one of his hind legs, so we have rigged up a pulley system so he can still get around the yard a bit but he can't run.

When I went out to check on him just now, he had tangled the rope around a rose bush, and then around his leg so he didn't have enough slack to get in out of the rain. He looked so very miserable. What a cutie.

And now i am watching cartoons. Yay. I love Disney. So very much.

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May 31st, 2008 (02:20 pm)

Whoo.. how freakain sweet was that rain? Although, one of the drains along the side of the house was blocked, so i got soaked. Kneeling in water that reached my knees (when standing not kneeling.. otherwise that would be a little less impressive), with my arm stuck down a drain pipe trying to unclog it. I may as well have just jumped in the pool. So after not being able to umplug it, I had to use a bucket to bail it out while dad tried to see if he could fix it at the other end of the pipe.

Yay, I love this weather.

I was going to go drop some movies back to the store but our driveway was flooded. At the bottom, the creek had come over the bridge.. so instead of going out, i had a paddle. Fun. But not for long, my feet started to hurt from the cold. damn pansy feet..

Anyway, going out to Andy's tonight. Yay! that should be fun. I haven't seen anyone for so long!

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March 17th, 2008 (07:56 pm)

H'okay. So as I am now going to pack up my laptop this is probably going to be the last entry for a while (but with the lack of entries I do, it won't really be much of a change from the normal).

I am a little nervious, but not as much as I should be. I keep having horrible dreams that people in my family keep dying while I am over there so I have told them all they are not allowed to die while I'm gone, or I will be severely pissed off.

I think I am all packed. I will probably think of something vital that I am missing when I am halfway down to the airport.

It still isn't sinking in that I am really going. Even when I got an email from qantas about the flights today. Although, that did result in me grinning like a lunitic for about an hour.. I think I may have freaked out some customers.

Well, off to watch my favourite movie of all time (which has recently changed. No longer The Crow) and settle down and hopefully get some sleep before my grandad picks me up in the morning to take me to the airport.

See you in a month!

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February 25th, 2008 (04:25 pm)

It is waayyy too hot in this house! There is no airconditioner and it is like a sauna in here.

I am housesitting for my boss again. I loves Molly. she is a gorgious puppy, but George is a smelly little fluff ball. I gave him a bath today. He was getting really smelly and he was no longer white.

I am really tired, and the computer chair I am on is broken so it keeps inching lower, so I think that's it for this pointless entry.


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February 3rd, 2008 (06:44 pm)

Why does my car hate me when I am so nice to it? I check everything regularly, and yet when I am going out to have fun it decides that it no longer wants to contain transmission fluid and bursts one of the seals. One of the more complicated seals which involves it having to be booked in to a mechanic tomorrow.


At least its shouldn't be as expensive as the last few times. Stupid alternator...

So tonight I am taking someone else's car, as now everyone in my family has one. Mum and Dad bought Ellie a little Barina a little while ago, which she likes. I have named it Starbug. Because it is green. But I don't really want to be seen driving it, so I think Ill take dads car.

And yeah, i do realize how boring this entire entry has been. Sorry.

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(no subject)

February 2nd, 2008 (02:52 pm)

Whoo. Yesterday i bought a 26" monitor for $540. How good is that!! And its not some crappy cheapo one either, its a a Viewsonic.

So now i have moved my x box into my room so i can watch TV, play movies and games and use it for my laptop. I may never have to leave my room again! ... until i need some form of sustenance.. and have to go to work..

Well, thats about all thats happening in the world of Caitlin.

I really need to make/get some new icons. I always consider getting a paid account, but lets face it, I only update about 4 times a month, if that. So i don't think it would be worth it. Oh well, see how I go.

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January 24th, 2008 (09:13 pm)

Mrs Lovett= love!

Holy god, that movie was awesome.

I need to see that again.

Unfortunately, I have never liked Stephen Sondheim's style of music.. oh well. The orchestra were freakin awesome.

Anyway, I shall shut up now as i fear if i continue I may ruin something.

Helena Bonham Carter.. I heart you.

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December 31st, 2007 (10:37 pm)

God damn, I finally get around to getting Assassin's Creed and now I can't play it. Mum and dad have some people over for new years and they bought their son with them, who thinks he is the lord of the ring of light. Grr.. I hate playing a new game with an audience. It really bugs me. Especially when they tell you what to do. He is lucky the controllers don't have cords or I would have throttled him with one.

I just watched Shoot 'em Up. That movie is pretty awesome. Apparently they used 15 galleons of fake blood to make it. Heehee. And mum worries that i am desensitized...

I am really stuffed. Working tonight and then opening tomorrow and working all day is going to suck. Why to stuff up New Years. .. who am I kidding, like I would have done anything anyway? Such a social butterfly me.

Well... thats all from me. I think I will watch another movie and then pass out for a while.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year and all that shtick.

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